Relationship Rescue: Return to Intimacy +

11:12 AM CST on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 By JUSTIN FARMER / WFAA-TV

Sex. So much discussion and yet so much misunderstood. The experts say men and women often have differing expectations for it. In part 2 of Relationship Rescue, winning with intimacy.

There you are. It’s an intimate moment. The time is right. It’s going to happen.

Pastor Gary Brandenburg of Fellowship Dallas says sex is a form of communication. Once you start listening to your partner, you’re getting there. But there’s more says Brandenburg, “The way in which a women perceives intimacy is very different than what the man thinks when he thinks of intimacy.”

Sex therapists say men are generally more visual. They suggest women embrace this and consider it in their bedroom plans. Women, they say, tend to need more romancing. So guys, turn off Sports Center and start a conversation.

“Sex begins in the kitchen, start romancing your wife there,” said Brandenburg. ” Or better yet, get a sitter and go out and look at one another.”

Buholz, a family law attorney suggests going back to the beginning.

“Go back and do date night,” he says.

The divorce attorney adds, “Don’t stop there. Put the fun back in the relationship.”

For instance, if you fell in love playing tennis or golf, pick it up again. Buholz stressed paying attention to your spouse or partner should be a priority, then your sex life will improve.

“Even after 28 years, [sex is] still a huge part of your life. It’s the connection. It’s the holding. It’s just the connecting with each other,” Debbie Brown of Dallas said.

The experts also recommend if you or your partner has a real dive in sexual drive, see a doctor to make sure you are physically healthy.

Stay tuned for next article, conflict resolution. How to fight fair.