Relationship Rescue: Dealing with conflict

11:42 AM CST on Monday, February 19, 2007 By JUSTIN FARMER / WFAA-TV When it comes to working through your disagreements, start with listening, openness, and never forget the commitment you made on your wedding day. “Unfortunately in the culture today, people bail out too fast,” said Fellowship Dallas Senior Pastor Gary Brandenburg, who added […]

Relationship Rescue: Return to Intimacy +

11:12 AM CST on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 By JUSTIN FARMER / WFAA-TV Sex. So much discussion and yet so much misunderstood. The experts say men and women often have differing expectations for it. In part 2 of Relationship Rescue, winning with intimacy. There you are. It’s an intimate moment. The time is right. It’s […]

Blended Families

Excerpts from an Article in the Dallas Morning News on July 16, 2007 Written by Pamela Yip – Personal Finance Writer When Mike Brady married his fiancée, Carol, his three sons and her three daughters united to become television’s famous Brady Bunch. Blended families – in which one or both of the partners bring children […]

Relationship Rescue: Money trouble wiz

03:15 PM CST on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 By JUSTIN FARMER / WFAA-TV Pick up a magazine, watch Oprah-you name it repairing and reviving relationships are on our minds. A recent study conducted for Woman’s Day magazine shows one-third of women wouldn’t re-marry their current husbands. In part one of Daybreak’s Relationship Rescue, we tackle […]

Will You Need a Prenup?

No longer just for the rich and famous, these protection plans are becoming more popular with regular chicks. If happily ever after doesn’t happen, you’ll want to be prepared. With celebs marrying and then divorcing a few years (or months) later, there has been a lot of buzz about prenuptial agreements. But not only stars […]